Winsley Cricket Club - Youth membership

New Membership

ECB run softball programmes
for Winsley's AllStars programme is via the ECB Clubspark site at this link
Registration for Dynamos will be from a separate link .which will become available at the end of Feb 2021.

Winsley Junior hardball cricket programmes
Parents of children wishing to join the hardball programme should apply for to join via the Winsley Pitchero site
, even if they were previously registered for softball sessions. Pitchero is used to manage fixtures and selections so if you are not on this system with up to date contact details (including your child's date of birth), your child will not be in the mix for selection to play games.

Parents should create a record for themselves as Club Member+Parent (with your email and mobile phone contact details as a minimum, please). Additional parents can also register, just make sure you link to your children.

After creating your parent record, you should then add records for each child, specifying them as Club Member+Player, ensuring you enter their Date of Birth. Do not add contact details for your child (we only ever contact you, and their link to your record will ensure you are informed about events/selection) but do add in details about medical conditions such as allergies, medicines or other factors which you think would help coaches to structure training sessions in a way that would meet your child's needs,

Membership payments will be collected separately. Annual membership fees are £50 per child, but reduced to £40 for each additional sibling. This includes all junior match fees. For parents who plan to play adult cricket for Winsley, there is a family membership offer which covers 1 adult player plus all u18 child players for a price of £125 (match fees for adult games still apply).

Youth teams - training and league match times


Under 15 Boys
Under 17 Girls

Under 13 Boys

Under 11 Boys

Girls  Hardball
(Wicked Maidens)
ECB softball
(All Stars & Dynamos)

Outdoor Training
Thursday Evenings
6:15 - 7:45pm

 Friday Evenings
6:15 - 7:45pm

Friday Evenings
6:15 - 7:45pm

Friday evenings
6:15 - 7:45pm
Friday Evenings
4:45 - 5:45pm

League Matches*
(mid-Apr to mid-Jul)

Monday evenings, 6-8:30pm
Tuesday evenings

Monday evenings, 6-8:30pm
Monday and Tuesday evenings, 6-8:30pm
Ad Hoc Festivals on Sunday mornings

* Girls can play in and against boys age-group teams which are two years younger than they are e.g. u13 girls can play against u11 boys.